Haresh Sood

Call: 2009 Middle Temple
MA, LL.M (Higher Legal Studies), LL.B (European Union), GTP.
Haresh is a member of the Bar European Group and currently sits on the Policy and Editorial Board of Counsel Magazine.

Haresh’s practise is drawn from his personal experience and professional background having trained as a Solicitor and Solicitor Advocate at a Nottingham Law firm.

He has extensive experience in Employment and Regulatory Law, and has conducted trials of a varied nature and length. He has successfully represented many clients against major institutions, and also successfully defended costs applications.

Haresh undertakes a variety of Civil work, including. landlord and tenant and leasehold disputes; insurance claims; contentious probate; compulsory purchase orders; injunctions and costs.

Having taught Criminal Law in the past, he has also represented clients in the Crown Court in sham marriage cases.  He has also appeared in the Magistrates Court dealing with building regulations cases.

Haresh has experience in Immigration and Family Law.

Haresh is a qualified Modern Foreign Languages teacher of Spanish, Italian and French, with 10 years of teaching and lecturing experience. He has taught English abroad and also lectured A Level Law, serving as the Head of Department at Handsworth Grammar School, Birmingham.  He has also taught on the LL.B degree course at BPP Law School and been an examiner for AQA.

In 2001, he was awarded an accolade as Tomorrow’s Lawyer in the Times Newspaper National Student Awards. In 2004, he was invited to be part of Her Majesty’s Judging Panel for Unsung Heroes. In 2010, he was recognised in the Law Teacher of the Year Awards by Oxford University Press. In 2002, he was shortlisted in the GG2 Diversity and Leadership awards.

Before embarking upon his legal career, Haresh worked as a Freelance Journalist for the BBC; was an Actor; and was also involved in a number of Human Rights, Equality and Charity projects. He has worked with the media and arts in raising awareness of issues such as Discrimination, Domestic Violence, Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing.  He has contributed articles on Discrimination and Equality in magazines such as the Parliamentary Monitor, and had his Dissertation archived in the library of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

His unique skills set and good interpersonal skills make him easily accessible to all of his Lay and Professional clients.


Haresh is dedicated to fitness and enjoys a variety of exercise.

Languages: Spanish, Italian, French, Hindu, Punjabi and Urdu.